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Bill Colegrave says he is part adventurer and part entrepreneur. ‘They are much the same except that the former never pays and the latter usually doesn’t’. He has collected and been inspired by travel books for more than four decades. He also published them as owner of Cadogan Guides. His own book Halfway House to Heaven tells the story of his journey up the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan to find the source of the Oxus River in the High Pamirs. He has visited more than 110 countries, ‘with many more to come, I hope’. He has three children, ‘all of them more interesting people than I am’. He lives in London now, having spent five years in the South of France, where he still shares ownership of a boutique hotel ‘as the junior partner of my ex-wife and a Monte Carlo bank’. He has represented Great Britain at real tennis (over 50’s division) and also in the World Pétanque Championships.

Sara Wheeler, travel writer, in conversation with Bill Colegrave

Sara Wheeler talks about the writers that inspired her, what took her to the Antarctic, where she has become the most widely travelled journalist and writer and her writing ambitions for the future.

Michelle Jana Chan, novelist and Travel Editor of Vanity Fair in conversation with Bill Colegrave

Michelle Jana Chan, travel writer, Vanity Fair Travel Editor and novelist in conversation with Bill Colegrave about her polyglot family history, her attachments to Guyana, what led her into travel writing and how she became one of London’s leading travel journalists, and the books that have inspired her to travel from an early age.

Alexander Frater, travel writer and Observer Chief Travel correspondent in conversation with Bill Colegrave

Alex Frater, author of Chasing the Monsoon, Beyond the Blue Horizon and formerly Chief Travel Correspondent of the Observer in conversation with Bill Colegrave about his early life in Vanuatu, how he made his way into travel writing and his adventures travelling and writing.